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The globe Community of Digital Learning is an international network of experts in digital learning, among them also certified peer reviewers from the ECBCheck initiative – a quality scheme aiming at improving digital learning. The globe Community of Digital Learning platform has evolved from the MOOC on Quality in Digital Learning which took place from 15 February to 25 March 2016. It is an open community:  learning from each other with give and take is the basic idea behind it. Everybody with a genuine interest in the fascinating and dynamic topic of digital learning and in getting in touch and exchanging with like-minded people is welcome. More on the globe

The MOOC Quality in Digital Learning

MOOCs usually focus on individual knowledge acquisition. This MOOC, however, put networking and generating new knowledge together at the front, following the motto: Connecting, sharing and co-creating! Therefore, right from the beginning, participants were given the opportunity to share resources and to cooperate in working groups with peers and experts in order to create fresh ideas for (new) quality in digital learning. Together, we worked on questions such as:

  • How can quality be measured in digital learning?
  • Can the same criteria of traditional e-learning be used to measure the quality of new learning scenarios, such as mobile learning, gamified solutions or MOOCs?
  • What are the added values of an international community working on the topic of quality in digital learning?

However, these are only some of the questions that were tackled during the MOOC.


The mission and overall goal of the MOOC was to promote and stimulate a vibrant community for quality in digital learning that will remain functioning.


objectivesIn the MOOC phase, we were trying to inspire participants to get involved in the discussion on quality management in digital learning. The starting point was the creation of a common understanding of learning and getting to know how to measure quality in digital learning. In the following, we had a look at how quality principles can be practically applied, e.g. as transversal tools for planning, implementation and evaluation of e-learning courses. Furthermore, following a communicative approach, we exchanged and co-created new principles for new digital learning formats. Last, but certainly not least, participants got connected to the international network concerning quality in digital learning and became part of a growing community for Quality in Digital Learning.

MOOC Benefits for participants



Target group

The MOOC was held in English, it was free of charge, and open to a broad target group: educational specialists, administrators, managers, lecturers or trainers and everyone working in the field of learning with digital media in development cooperation who wish to learn more about quality management in digital learning.


There were no participant prerequisites beyond interest in the topic and an openness for cooperation and peer-learning. Participants were located all over the world, worked in any sector, and had any background.

Duration and Workload

The MOOC started on 15th February and ended on 25th March 2016. The globe community takes the achievements further.

Who is behind the platform?

The platformhas been implemented on behalf of the ECBCheck initiative involving experts from this community of international organisations, such as UNU, UNITAR, FAO, ITC-ILO, World Bank Institute and GIZ, among others. Subject-matter experts have been providing input through webinars, videos and Q&A sessions, as well as by sharing relevant material. However, the crucial part of the project is the involvement of participants by providing the opportunity to share their own resources and bring in individual expertise and experience. Exchanging ideas and opinions with peers and experts and co-creating new material which will be made available to the community are therefore essential elements.


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