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About the Open ECBCheck Initative

The Open ECBCheck is a quality improvement scheme for E-Learning programmes. It supports organisations to measure how successful their e-learning programmes are and allows for continuous improvement though peer collaboration and benchlearning. Open ECBCheck forms a participative quality environment which allows its members to benefit in a variety of ways by having access to tools and guidelines for their own practice on the one hand, and being able to obtain a community based label on the other hand.


Three stages to quality are suggested:

  1. Members of the ECBCheck professional community document their commitment to quality by joining.
  2. The ECBCheck professional community provides access to and allows sharing of guidelines, tools as well as experiences for quality development for its members.
  3. On the basis of a detailed self-assessment process, members can enter into mutual peer-review partnerships to improve the quality of their e-learning offers.
  4. Organisations who are also interested in a more formalised review of their practices can undergo a structured certification process that, if successfully completed, will lead to the awarding of a label.
Awarding Ceremony, Berlin, 2015
Awarding Ceremony, Berlin, 2015

Open ECBCheck is developed from the community of organisations through an innovative and participative process which has been initiated by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GIZ GmbH and is hosted currently by the UNITED NATIONS UNIVERSITY Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS), Bonn, Germany. However, the Open ECBCheck community consists of more than 20 affiliated organisations.

For further information, please visit the ECBCheck Website: