In this virtual community we put a special emphasis on sharing and co-creation. The virtual landscape offers different spaces or so-called “houses” in which interactions take place:

belebter MOOC

Open House

The Open House serves as a source of inspiration: you will find openly accessible material available for everybody. You can contribute by commenting on the content and bookmark interesting material or simply give your opinion by liking :-).

Beta House

The success of this platform depends on the level of mutual sharing. The Beta House serves as the space where you should do that: share your resources, documents, links, videos or any other interesting material, with peers. The idea is to continuously activate living discussions so, also here, everybody can comment, share insights or opinions. The Beta House is, therefore, constantly under construction.


Collaboration will take place in smaller ‘Group Huts‘. Following the motto: connecting, sharing and co-creating we invite you to join a group or create a new one and invite other people to join, share your knowledge and experience with other peers!Forum

The general “Forum Park” serves for general discussion and for answering your questions. Take a stroll in the park and meet with the Digital Learning community :-). Please also check the FAQ section where some of your questions might have already been answered.