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    Very interesting article and overview – overwhelming potential of digital learning!

  2. Profile photo of Philipp Busch

    “Gamification must become less about games and more about learning” – yes and no. The right understanding of Gamification is obligatory to use it correctly. We will talk about this later in the MOOC. Looking forward to it!

  3. Profile photo of Carlos Würschmidt

    “Blended Learning, Virtual Reality and Mobile” Could virtual reality be used for the face to face phase of blended learning?

  4. Profile photo of Jan

    Helpful to see the trendy phrases – but not so useful I feel as ‘key(?)’ document for this MOOC. Documents focussing on the ‘key business’ of the MOOC would be helpful. What about

  5. Profile photo of Martin Felipe Wohlgemuth Pinzon

    eLearning is accesible to more persons. We can develop the appealing learning content.

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